Jennifer Butler

Jennifer Butler is an IPTPA Certified Teaching Professional and the North Carolina Junior Pickleball Training Coordinator, as well as Head Pickleball Pro at Lake Norman Tennis Center in Mooresville, North Carolina. She is a 5.0 player sponsored by Paddletek who has medaled in numerous sanctioned tournaments, and has played all over the world- Spain, England, New Zealand, and has instructed "Teach the Teachers" programs in Ireland.

Jennifer has been "jock of all trades" her entire life, being inducted into the Hall of Fame for Athletics at Washington College, playing tennis, volleyball, softball and rowing crew. After college she became an airline pilot, and has flown for 44 years (Piedmont Airlines- USAirways- American Airlines).

She is now happily enjoying her second career- teaching pickleball full time. Mastering fundamentals and developing good habits early on is the key to climbing the pickleball ladder, and her goal is to help players step up their games. Jennifer is excited to have the opportunity to help teach the Suncoast Pickleball Camp.



• 2021 Atlanta Georgia Open PPA
Womens Doubles Skill/Age Groups 5.0:50+,60+
Gold: Jenny Butler (with Magge Camuti)

• 2021 USA Pickleball Atlantic South Regional Championship
Womens Singles (Skill/Age) 4.0, 4.5:60+
Gold: Jenny Butler

Mixed Doubles (Skill/Age) 5.0:50+,55+
Bronze: Jenny Butler (with Bradley Wahrendorf)

Womens Doubles (Skill/Age) 5.0:All Ages
Bronze: Jenny Butler (with Cass Rollins)

• 2021 Minto US Open Pickleball Championships
Womens Skill/Age Doubles 4.5:60+
Bronze: Jenny Butler (with Nancy Robertson)

• 2020 USA Pickleball Mid-South Regional Championships
Womens Singles - Skill/Age Groups 4.5:35+,60+
Gold: Jenny Butler

• 2020 USAPA Southwest Regional Championship
Mixed Skill/Age Doubles 5.0:60+,65+
Bronze: Jenny Butler-Barrie Hill

Womens Doubles Skill/Age 5.0:60+,65+,70+
Silver: Jenny Butler (with Chris Powers)