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Train Like a Pro in Our Fun‑Filled Pickleball Boot Camp


  • Camp #1 - May 12-17, 2024
  • Camp #2 - May 19-24, 2024

Registration for May Camps is Monday, January 8, 2024 at 8 am ET

  • Camp #3 - Sept 1-6, 2024 (Advanced Camp)
  • Camp #4 - Sept 8-13, 2024 (Christian Camp)
  • Camp #5 - Sept 15-20, 2024

Registration for September Camps is Monday, March 11, 2024 at 8 am ET

APPLICATIONS SENT BEFORE the 8 am ET on the designated registration dates MAY NOT BE ACCEPTED.


  • You will not pay after you register. After your application is received and reviewed, you will be sent a link to pay your mandatory $629 per person deposit. After receiving this link, you will have 48 hours to pay. If you do not pay within 48 hours, then you will be moved to the Wait List. If you pay without getting a link, then you will be subject to a 4.5% refund fee.
  • One application and deposit per person is required, so couples will need to do an application and deposit for each person and also provide a different email address and different phone number per applicant.
  • Some updates will be sent via text messaging, so if you want to get the latest news, provide a cell phone number.
  • If you complete an application for another person, then the other person must give permission to you to complete the application and accept all terms on their behalf.
  • Only 6 commuters will be accepted per camp.  A commuter is considered someone who lives or owns lodging property within 50 miles of Montreat, NC, and will be given priority as a commuter.
  • We will not be assigning roommates at camp. If you are registering for double occupancy, then your roommate must register, too. Otherwise, you will be subject to the Private Room Rate.
  • If you are signed up for Double Occupancy and your roommate cancels, then you are subject to the Private Room Rate.
  • Travel insurance is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to protect your travel investment from unforeseen circumstances.  Click here for travel insurance information.


Please read the Disclaimer prior to filling out the application.


NOTE: When the camp is Sold Out, you may register for the Wait List, but do not pay your deposit or camp fees until you are transferred into the camp.  If you register for the Wait List and you do pay, then your refund is subject to a $53 admin fee if you do not get moved into the camp.

NOTE: DO NOT RESUBMIT YOUR APPLICATION.  There is a $11 admin fee per submitted duplication application.