Mindy Yoder Pickleball Pro and instructor at suncoast pickleball camps in montreat, north carolina

Mindy Yoder

Mindy originally hails from Fort Wayne, Indiana but moved to The Villages, Florida in 2022. She was introduced to Pickleball six years ago by her father. Since then, she has played in tournaments across the United States and has been on the podium more than 100 times, including a Gold medal at the 2018 Nationals in California, four medals at the 2021 and 2022 US Pickleball Open in Naples and most recently a silver medal in January 2023 in 5.0 women's doubles in the APP Punta Gorda tournament.

She left her job as a Nurse Practitioner to teach pickleball full time starting fall 2021. Mindy is a certified International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA) instructor, and Level I Referee.

She is passionate about teaching fundamentals, strategies and helping others to have fun and to be healthy through the sport of Pickleball. Mindy says, “attending clinics and camps, like Coach Russel’s Suncoast Camp at Montreat have been instrumental in my growth as a player, so I’m excited and honored to be an instructor again at Montreat!”

Major Tournament Wins:

• 2021 US Open
Womens Doubles Age 50+
Silver: Mindy Yoder (with Laura Frank)

Womens Skill/Age Doubles 4.5:50+
Bronze: Mindy Yoder (with Laura Frank)

Mixed Skill/Age Doubles 4.5:50+
Silver: Mindy Yoder (with John Kleinschmidt)

• 2020 Cincinnati Pickleball Open (APP)
Mixed Skill/Age Doubles 4.5:35+
Silver: Mindy Yoder (with Doug Abell)

Womens Skill/Age Doubles 4.5:35+,50+
Bronze: Mindy Yoder (with Jen Roach)

• 2019 Atlanta Open - The South Pickleball Championships
Womens Singles Skill/Age Groups 3.5:19+
Bronze: Mindy Yoder

• 2018 Margaritaville USA Pickleball National Championships Championships
Womens Skill/Age Doubles 4.0/4.5/5.0 4.0:35+
Gold: Mindy Yoder (with Carla Walker)