suzanne bernsteitn pickleball instructor at suncoast pickleball camp in montreat north carolinaSUZANNE BERNSTEIN

Suzanne Bernstein is a highly skilled Pickleball instructor and player based in Columbus, Ohio. With her IPTPA and PPR certifications, she is qualified to train players of all ages and skill levels. Suzanne’s unique coaching style focuses on making the learning process fun and enjoyable for her students. She strives to ensure that everyone who works with her takes away valuable insights to help them become better players.

As a Playing Professional, Suzanne is sponsored by TMPR Sports and SuperGames. Her accomplishments in Senior Pro Singles, Senior Pro Mixed Doubles, and Pro Women's Doubles testify to her skills and dedication. Recently, in January 2023, she and her Senior Mixed partner won money at the PPA Desert Ridge Tournament in Arizona, further cementing her status as a top-level Pickleball player.

Suzanne's passion for the sport and commitment to helping others improve their game make her an excellent instructor. Her website,, is a great resource for those looking to take their Pickleball skills to the next level. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting, Suzanne has the expertise and experience to help you reach your full potential in this exciting sport.