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Sylvia Whitehouse is an IPTPA Certified instructor and a Teaching Pro at Pictona in Holly Hill, Florida. She is a Senior Pro who is sponsored by Selkirk Sport and has lots of experience playing high-profile tournaments.


As part of her teaching philosophy, Sylvia believes that understanding and mastering pickleball fundamentals is essential to successfully playing an opponent. She emphasizes on top spin forehand combined with strategical use of dinking, 3rd or 5th shot drops or drives, blocking and resetting, transition volleys, and lobbing. Sylvia has a keen desire to teach other players what she has learned and observed while playing Pickleball.

Overall Career 

- 8 Medals US Open Championships,
- 4 Medals USA Pickleball National Championships
- 2 Gold Medals Sr. National Championships
- 3 Medals Huntsman Senior World Games


  • 2023 US Open
    Mixed Doubles 5.0
    Silver: Sylvia Whitehouse
  • 2023 USA Pickleball National Championships Open
    Womens Doubles 5.0
    Gold: Sylvia WhitehouseMixed Doubles 5.0: 50+
    Silver: Sylvia Whitehouse
  • 2021 USAPA Mid Atlantic Regionals
    Mixed Doubles 5.0: 50+
    Gold: Sylvia Whitehouse (with Brad Redmon)
  • 2019 US Open
    Womens Doubles 5.0: 50+
    Gold: Sylvia Whitehouse (with Carol Lausman)Mixes Doubles 5.0: 50+
    Bronze: Sylvia Whitehouse (with Mark Moore)
  • 2019 National Senior Games
    Women’s Doubles Age Group 55-59
    Gold: Sylvia Whitehouse (with Jana Spano)
  • 2018 US Open
    Womens Doubles 4.5: 50+
    Gold: Sylvia Whitehouse (with Erica Gonzalez)Mixed Doubles 4.5: 19-49
    Bronze: Sylvia Whitehouse (with Daniel Parker)
  • 2017 USAPA Nationals
    Mixed Doubles 4.5: 50+
    Silver: Sylvia Whitehouse (with Jon Post)
  • 2017 National Senior Games
    Women’s Doubles Age Group 50-54
    Gold: Sylvia Whitehouse (with Erica Gonzalez)
  • 2017 US Open
    Mixed Doubles 4.5: 50+
    Gold: Sylvia Whitehouse (with Archie Adams)4.5: 50+ Womens Doubles
    Silver: Sylvia Whitehouse (with Erica Gonzalez)
  • 2015-2019 Florida State Senior Games
    Champion Womens Division: Sylvia Whitehouse